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  • Hi all

    I am really kind of a PowerPoint virgin so apologies if this is a really stupid question. I want to disable the page down (by pressing the pagedown keyboard button) option in PowerPoint for certain pages. Then you have to use the hyperlink on these specific pages to navigate though the presentation. Is it possible?


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    If you set the whole presentation up as "kiosk" mode, then you can restrict the movement from slide to slide, to only your own "action settings".

    To set the presentation to "kiosk", do this

    slide show menu > set up show > tick "kiosk" > OK

    To set "action settings" to help people navigate your presentation

    draw any autoshape (e.g. a rectangle)
    right click the autoshape > action settings > on mouse click > goto next slide

    TAJ Simmons
    microsoft powerpoint mvp


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