Changing Combo Boxes

  • I have a copy of Dave's CHANGING COMBO BOXES but I STILL can't figure out how to do it. Please tell me the "underlying" method that if I create a list of dresses in drop down box A(bridesmaid, bridal, flowergirl, etc.) then the corresponding mfr. would be available from drop down box B, please!!


  • You need to have a formula like this:

    =ADDRESS(2,H4) &":"&ADDRESS(100,H4)

    where cell H4 is the linked cell for the first drop-down (p.s. are you using the drop-downs from the Forms toolbar?)

    Then you need to create a named range (Insert -> Name -> Define) called MyRange and in the Refers to: box put the formula


    where H6 is the cell containing the Address functions

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