Can someone HELP me?

  • The idea of the board is to share knowledge. Therefore I doubt anyone will email you a solution/instructions. (I don't mean to sound mean. I'll throw in a smilie :saint: )

    Besides, if you follow these instructions, you'll be well on your way:

    1. Open Excel. If you you have a spreadsheet that you're developing then open that as well.

    2. Hit the "F1" key. (Hopefully the Excel Help file will launch and you don't get that Paper Clip)

    3. If you get the help file, go to the "Answer Wizard" tab. (If you get Clippit the paperclip then go to step 4)

    4. Type in "Standard Deviation".

    5. A number of references will be thrown up. You are probably most interested in STDEV, STDEVA, STDEVP.

    Repost if/when you need more help with these.

  • Abby:

    Also, some friendly advice:

    Please don't post your email on the internet. That's how you end up getting spammed to death. There is software that people use to run on the internet and find web pages that have email addresses on them. Then they sell the addresses to those dern spammers. You might want to edit your post to remove it.

    Those people that you see using their email addresses on the web likely use a business email address, and not a personal one.


  • Abbey,

    to see all of Excel's statistical functions, go to the Insert menu and choose Function then when the Insert Function window pops up click on the Statistical category. If you then select a function you can click on the little yellow question mark to open up the help file for that function

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