Combine several *.xls files into one

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    I want them in a same sheet.
    All files in a same folder.
    They're not named in set format, but columns ito the files have the same format and names.

    First I need to copy one file, after that from the last row + 1 the next file and e.t.c

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    This solution should get you started.

    Zip file contains
    1. Combine.xls - main import workbook
    3. Test files

    NB. See the SetUp worksheet.
    This assumes that there is a single common worksheet in all the files.
    You can rename the common sheet name to your situation
    You can change the start copying rows from number.

    Hope the syntax is ok

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    Thanks a lot Turbo. Works great!! Just have to remember to select all the xls files when in the "Open File" window then hit open.

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    Is there anyone who can help me? I also have several excel files with same columns which i want to combine into one file.
    However, the columns starts on a Row 5 instead of row 1 and there are blank rows in between.

    Would appreciate your help. Thanks!

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    Welcome to Ozgrid. Please do not post questions in old threads. Please start your own thread with a Search Friendly Key Word title. If necessary refer back to a previous thread with a link if you feel that will help your explanation or if it contains a partial solution that you have tested but does not quite match your circumstances.

    Always explain your problem with as much detail as possible. You are likely to receive a much faster solution this way.

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