Userform Code

  • I have created a form in the Visual Basic Editor, using the toolbox. When I view Code, it is empty. How can I see the code that was used to create the userform so I can use more complex formulas in the text boxes?

    thanks. Joel

  • Hi Colo,

    thanks for your reply. I can open the Code window fine. I worked out it is empty because it does not show the code to create the form as I expected. Rather, here I can enter the code I want to control the data in the form.

    Regards, Joel

  • Joel:

    I'm confused by your statements. To my knowledge there IS no code used to create the form--you created it, yes?

    If you are talking about wanting to see the code that brings the form into focus, then you should be looking at the code of whatever command button or action is taken to bring the form up...

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