• Has anyone else received spam from Alpha Lottery International? I received 1 today to an email address that I only use on this board. Apparently I have won 500,000 euros :) and have to respond to a British phone number (I'm in Canada).
    Edit: a Google search reveals that I'd only have to pay 5,000 euros in Admin fees. :P

  • Doug,

    I got the same situation when I had my e-mail viewed here which I still suffering from.

    MailWash is a free and nice software.

    But the question is how is the e-post available for spammers?

    It´s remarkable nowdays...

    We need softwares which protect us from:
    - spy-cookies
    - for spam
    - virus
    - for creditcard-snapping
    - modem-snapping

    My feelings: :banghead:

  • I don't receive spam since my spamfilter is set to only receive from people I trust. :D

    Isn't the Dialing code +31 used for the Netherlands? The Brits don't use Euros, yet. :)

  • AAHHH !!

    So that's what's been happening !!!

    Couldn't figure out where these morons got my WORK email from. Now I'm on their hit lists............AAAGGGHHH.

    Thing is my email is marked as unviewable by others ???

    What's going on here ??


  • If your email is hidden on Ozgrid then they didn't harvest it here. So far spam to my email address (displayed at Ozgrid) is limited to lottery winnings from Amsterdam and Nigerians trying get money out of the country. :)
    Most likely my address was harvested by an automated spambot trolling websites & forums.

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