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    I have a problem with cells formatting. For an unknown reason, currency numbers that I write in a form I created sometimes don't want to be used in a VBA division of a range by another. But the VBA code is ok, because it works most of the time. But sometimes, when I enter values in it, it seems to be currency values but VBA says incompatible type on the division line code. So I found a way to solve my problem by formatting the cell in standard before writing and then changing it in anything I want after that. So, I ask if there's a way when a user writes in a cell to automatically activate a cell formating of that cell in standard format before what he writes actually be in the cells.

    I say it that way cause I never fixed my problem when I tried to change a cells format after it's writen. To give a hint of the nature of the problem, when I try to change the problematic currency value in simple number, in the cell format, it says it's a simple number but if you look at the cell content, it's still currency!

    Thx for any help!


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    I've found a previous thread in this forum that had the same damn problem in it and inside there was a wonderful and simple solution gave by Dave Hawley. It's an administrator there. I give a link to this thread and copy the code here. I am so happy. This problem was being very painful in my brain. :)


    Sub ForceToNumber() 
        Dim wSheet As Worksheet 
        For Each wSheet In Worksheets 
            With wSheet 
                .Range("IV65536") = vbNullString 
                .UsedRange.PasteSpecial xlPasteValues, xlPasteSpecialOperationAdd 
            End With 
        Next wSheet 
    End Sub
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    Glad you found the answer. And it is good that you came back and provided the reference.

    Well done! :)

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