File Error message when opening

  • I have an Microsoft Office 2001 Excel file with multiple sheets and charts, running on a G3 Macintosh, using OS 9.2. I am using around 30 macros so users can navigate to charts easily. The file has been working fine, except lately, occasional opening of the file results in the following error message:
    "File Error: data may have been lost"
    I reverted to an error-free backup, and recreated some things I lost- but now this copy occasionaly gets the error message.
    Any thoughts on this??
    (I have re-installed Office once- I have also opened the file on a nother computer- and it gets the error message).
    The file does eventually open up, but there seems to be some error in a couple of macros.

  • When was the last time you ran your Office Update? I would check to see if there are any udpdates available for you Excel Version first.

    I would then check to see if you can streamline any of your macros. If you recorded the macros you can probably get rid of some needless code by using With...End With or variables.

    Look at that and then post back and I am sure someone will be able to help you out.


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