Data Validation - text formats/size

  • 1) Is there any way to change the font size in a Data-Validation-List drop down box? Default is too small.
    2) Is it possible to increase the # of rows in a Data-Validation drop down list?

    Regards, Egad

  • You cannot change the font size in the Drop Down list itself, but you can change the font size for the Cell the list is in, then once the user selects an option the text will revert to selected font size.

    For question two, are you asking for some type of change event to add a row to the list? Otherwise you would select however many rows are needed to make up your list, or select 10 more if you forsee you needing that more and your list will simply have blanks at the end until more data is entered, and then it will appear in the list.

    If you want more options than are provided with a DataValidation List you should go with a ListBox or ComboBox.

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