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  • I have a sample sheet from a larger file that I have to sort monthly.

    The raw data is the basis for billing the customer. This sheet feeds a summary sheet which is then sent to the customer for payment.

    I need to sort the sheet by Agent, Interval and Type. Agent is the specific product that they are using; interval is the portion of an hour that they it updated. Type is the number of web pages they are seeing on their browser.

    I also want to have the SubTotal and number of day columns underneath each agent type as well.

    I was trying to create macro but soon realized that it was beyond my grasp at this time.

  • Re: Sort Macro


    Talking strictly about the "sorting" did you try recording the process that you do manually?

    If so. What was wrong with the recorded code. Once you get it sorted you should then be able to use the "Data . . . Subtotals" function to get the subtotals and everything.

    More information as to what you need or what problems you're encountering will allow for a more complete answer.

  • Re: Sort Macro

    I first was trying to delete the row and forgot to include the column argument (Cells(i,1)). After that, I did run a macro to do the sort.


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