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  • i have a data base of 4000 songs all in column A.

    animals - house of the rising sun

    what i want to do is replace the hyphens for a column.

    can this be done, please help:D if it can please explain it in simple terms:eureka:

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    Originally posted by bruno

    can this be done, please help:D if it can please explain it in simple terms:eureka:

    Just kidding Bruno.

    Highlight all of your cells with the data. I'm assuming that they are all in the same column with no blank spaces. The easiest way to accomplish this is to:

    1. Select the topmost cell in the column, e.g. A1
    2. Hold CTRL+SHIFT and then press the down arrow.

    OK, once we've done that, go to " Data" menu and select "Text To Columns".

    On the Text To Columns window, select "Delimited" and then hit "Next".

    In this window, choose "other" for type of delimter and use the minus/hyphen sign -

    Hit Finish.

    Now you will have two columns, from your example, the first column will contain data like "Animals" and the other column will contain the data " House of The Rising Sun". (note the SPACE in front of "House")

    To get rid of that SPACE we're going to use the TRIM function.

    In the topmost cell of next column over from the song titles type in this formula.


    Then double-click on that little black box on the excel cursor.

    I'm assuming that your data is originally in Column A and begins in cell A1. You can change that TRIM formula to whatever you need.

    Any problems, just repost.

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