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  • I've been asked to take an ten page word document that has tables and regular text and convert it to excel so that auto tabulation can occur thus requiring formulas and linking. What would be the going rate/fee (hourly) that I should charge? Please send me e:mail if you would like ([email protected]). I need to send out invoice tomorrow for what I've completed. Thanks! BTW, I live in California, USA.

  • Hi,


    What would be the going rate/fee (hourly) that I should charge?

    It depends and I will not indicate anything because it´s also subject to which part of the world You live in.

    (I e this is an international forum)


    Please send me e:mail directly ([email protected]).

    No way!
    This is a forum which means that questions and their answers should be published on the board.

  • I have closed this feed as i do not feel that asking or expecting developers to advise you in this matter is becoming of our family attitude here on OzGrid.

    My advice since the question has been asked, would be to ask Your development friends, this is what i would do if had the need to know. Its worth adding that this is a very poor alignment as GBP <> USD <> AUD and rates will be to the location of living.

    Please do not expect to get developers to exactly post this on the board, its hardly professional.

    Say Dave Hawley says AUD$ 100 that’s about GBP 35, but that’s not to say we would ask the same for payment or that we would deliver the set same product.

    I have tried to help you here, even thou i do not like this question so much

    I trust in advance that you understand my points here, and if needs be U2U message me if you need / want to discuss this further.

    Kindest possible regards

    Jack in the UK

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