Sort Columns Pulldown Menu

  • Hello, I NEED HELP SORTING COLUMNS IN A SPREADSHEET USING A POULLDOWN MENU. I want to be able to use the pulldown to sort in ascending order each of the columns I have in the excel file. Basically instead of manually having to rank the data in the columns I want to be able to just use my pulldow, please help me complete this task.

    The file Is attached, it has some code already but the SORT COLUMN PULLDOWN doesnt seem to work right now.
    The data in the sample file attached is random, i will go back and fill in th actual numbers later.
    Thank you very much.

  • Re: Sort Columns Pulldown Menu

    When I tried to sort your list using Excel's "Data/Sort/Options/Sort Left To Right" functionality, I received a message that some of the cells are merged cells. Reformat the merged cells and it should work.


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