"Range" protection

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    In Excel 2003:

    Tools->Protection->Allow users to edit ranges

    Then set up one range $A:$B which has a password and another range $C:$IV which has no password.

    Now click Protect Sheet and set a master password for the worksheet (you might want to check some of the options for editing that you are presented with).

    When this is OK'd, the users can edit everything to the right of Column B and will be prompted for a password if they try and edit the first two cols...

    HTH - dunno about earlier versions.

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    I just don't know - I've only got 2003 to play with - and it's been a long time since I used anything earlier. I'm pretty-sure there was something similar in 2000, but it might have been (even more) clunky.

  • Re: "Range" protection

    You can protect A:B in Excel 97 onwards.

    It's true that XP & 2003 do allow you further options. But for basic protection against editing, just lock the cells in A:B, unlock the rest from C:IV and protect your worksheet.

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