Worksheet Forms, Option Buttons & VBA

  • Im having dificulties with the form that i've created

    In the Age Band (grouped area) I have 4 Option buttons
    Under 18, 18-64, 65-74, 75+
    When one of these is selected, I wanted the selected value to appear in cell A100. When I select one of the option button cell A100 only shows TRUE or FALSE, how can i get cell A100 to display the age band selected.

    I am also having the same issue with the Ethnic Origin group of option buttons

    And also with the FACS eligibility Criteria grouped set of buttons.

    Could somebody please let me know what im doing wrong, and how to correct this.

    The other thing that I need help getting to work correctly is with the "Click Here to Save this record" command button. I wanted this button to do the following;
    When the inputter has completed inputting the details onto the form, the responses that have been input should appear across the various columns of ROW 100. When the command button is pressed i wanted it to;
    Move everything in ROW100 (A:L) and below, down one ROW, and then clear the form and finally save the worksheet.

    I hope I have explained this clearly,
    I tried to upload my .xls file but its too large at 100k, so i have cut out much of the file so that you can at least see some of what ive done, i am more than happy to e-mail a copy of the un-edited version to anyone who could help me with this.
    my email address is: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance for your time/effort.
    Kind Regards

    I have edited the post to included a zipped attachment (i still had to remove some things from it to get it under the maximum file size.

  • Re: Worksheet Forms, Option Buttons & VBA

    Damian, I looked at the attached sheet but did not see any code or formulas in there so it's hard to see what you are doing incorrectly. Try zipping up your entire file and see if it's small enough to attach.

  • Re: Worksheet Forms, Option Buttons & VBA

    Quote from royUK

    damian - why not do as ShosMeister suggests.

    I have edited my original post and have included a zipped up version of the worksheet (although I did have to delete some of the content to get it under the maximum allowed attachment size). (its the one called zipped)

    I will try to publish the full worksheet on my own personal webspace when i get home from work tonight, but in the meantime i am happy to email the sheet to anybody who is interested in helping me.

  • Re: Worksheet Forms, Option Buttons & VBA

    I took a look at your sheet: I've never tried putting controls on a worksheet so I'm unsure as to wether they will ever work without having some code attached to them.

    However, in answer to your TRUE/FALSE problem; according to the help:

    From that, what you will need is that small formula somewhere else to actually display the "text" description rather than the option number. Why you are getting TRUE/FALSE though, I'm not sure.

    Also, since you have created the userform, why not just use that? I know this isn't much help but I'll keep looking.

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