select control button on sheet

  • I have several control buttons on a sheet that kicks off various task , I would like to grab a specific control button and activate it through code.


  • Re: select control button on sheet

    Probably going to need a bit more info on this. What exactly are you trying to do, have the control button do something when you click on it? So you would do something like:

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    End Sub

    Or do you want, through code, to activate what the commandbutton would do? In that case you could set your code up in a module and reference it through your code. Again you explanation is rather vague, so I am not sure exactly what you want to do.

  • Re: select control button on sheet

    I am sure there are a few ways of doing it, but one way would be to set up the action of your command button in a module, then just call it up if the Command button is pressed, or with in your code by typing as I used in the attached sample for the command button, Call CB1. Hope that makes sense.

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