Hyperlink with Relative Referencing

  • Hello, friends.
    Is any way to change hyperlink function from absolute to relative referencing.
    The reason for my request: I have *xls file with 1000 rows. Each row points to some file. When I burn this folder to disk , hiperlink doesn't work.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Re: Hyperlink with Relative Referencing

    How are you creating your hyperlinks.

    Are you using the Insert Hyperlinks menu option, or are you using the HYPERLINK function?

    What type of relative reference are you looking for. Are the references pointing to an external workbook or are you just wanting to point to a cell that is offset from a particular one?

  • Re: Hyperlink with Relative Referencing

    I know that Hyperlinks menu option gives "relative reference", but I have ~1000 rows to update.
    Thus I using the HYPERLINK function. My files located in folder c:\cars\specifications\

    I need tht when I will burn the disk I need my *xls file will be on <cd>:\ , and it will point to \specifications\

    Please advice.

  • Re: Hyperlink with Relative Referencing

    In your hyperlink function you specify the path "c:\cars\specifications\" what you need to do is use the "CELLS" function to get the current path of the file. Then extract the drive ID and replace the "C".

    This should allow the hyperlinks to always point to the "\cars\specifications\" folder on the drive which contains the file.

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