reference sheet name in formula

  • I have 2 related questions:

    1) Using a formula is there a way I can pull the sheet name into a cell? So for example, if my sheet name is "SHAWN", can I write a formula that would insert "SHAWN" into cell A1. i.e.; in cell A1 of worksheet SHAWN, I enter "=sheetname()" and it returns SHAWN

    OR, if I am trying to pull the sheet name off of another sheet. For example, I am on worksheet named SHAWN, and I have another worksheet named "BILL". On the sheet named SHAWN, can I reference the sheet named "BILL" to get and pull out the worksheet name. i.e; in cell A1 of sheetname SHAWN I enter "=sheetname(BILL!A1)", and it would return "BILL"

    2) Description - Lookup a value out of an array on another sheet, and reference the sheetname by way of a formula:

    I am on worksheet named SHAWN I have BILL entered into cell A1.
    In cell A2 of worksheet SHAWN, I have the date "April 1st, 2005", which corresponds to a array on my worksheet named BILL (for illustration, lets say my array is located on worksheet BILL in cells A1:B10). Can I write a lookup formula that looks up my date in my array on worksheet BILL, and in the formula reference cell A1 to direct the vlookup to my worksheet named BILL
    ie; =vlookup(A2,unknownformula(A1)!A1:B10,2,false)

    thanks in advance. Im sorry if im not clear and easy to follow in these questions.

  • Re: reference sheet name in formula

    BRISTER: YOU ROCK! thats perfect

    thanks so much, Ive been dealing with this problem for a looonnggg time!

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