sorting pivot table

  • Hi

    I have a simple pivot table but I can only seem to sort by 1 column.

    It is for jet ski racing to work out the winner. I need to sort the data first by the number of laps (descending order) and then by the total time (ascending)

    here is a screen shot of what I have.
    data on the left is ski number and times at which it passed the start/finish
    the PT on the right is showing ski number then count(ski) then max (laptime)

    I have sorted by laps but need to sub sort by max laptime


  • Re: sorting pivot table

    Nathan, do follow:
    1. make regulat pivot as you did
    2. stay on "total" column , press right click & select "Field Settings"
    3. Select "Summarized by.." - Sum.
    4. Right-click on "B" column & format cells "Time".
    5. After that standard sort.

    That's all.

  • Re: sorting pivot table

    that adds all the times together for each ski which is not quite right. the lap times are cumulative. i.e. the time for the 3rd lap includes all 3 laps so I need to use max on the lap time.

    once I get the PT I may just need to copy and paste special formats and values and do a manual sort.

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