GetFolderPath in VBA

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    I think you want the GetOpenFilename Method. It displays the standard Open dialog box and gets a file name from the user without actually opening any files. You can then have the macro open the file if desired.

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    Derk , it exactly what I need, to get a file without actually opening it. Thanks.
    I have macro that creates from selected file multiple files with different names.

    Is any DIALOG BOX to select a path to copy these files?

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    i dont know how to just return the path but:


    will show the dialogue box that allows the user to choose a file.

    perhaps you could amend the returned file and path to just leave the path details.

    Might give you a clue or a could be way off!


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    Please don't repeat the same question. If the first answer is not what you needed (as it was in this case), just explain why it wasn't on the mark (as you did) so others can then try to improve the answer. I have merged the two threads into one.

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    Derk, no any problem.
    The method that you gave me "GetOpenFilename" fit my requirement to select the file, but now I need to select destination path to copy this file.
    Is any dialog box like in attached picture?

    P.S. I have found an answer to my question in link:…d.php?p=195813#post195813

    But iy looks much complicated for a simple dialog box.

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