Data Labels Won't Appear On Graph

  • I don't use graphs very often and then find myself doing nothing else but preparing them for three weeks, then I won't touch them again for five years.

    I have attached a sample graph where I want to show one single column for expenditure.

    I have broken that expenditure down into 14 seperate items and what I want to achieve is the one column with the data labels actually in or pointing to the block of expenditure they relate to.

    However when I click on show data labels all I get is the number 1.

    Any ideas anyone.

    Many thanks.

  • Re: Data Labels Won't Appear On Graph

    Hi Timbo,

    If you click on the actual number currently inside each section of the graph you can change each one sperately by simply typing what you want each one to say. Not sure if there are any ways to link the text to a cell but hope this is good enough.


  • Re: Data Labels Won't Appear On Graph

    You have the data labels set to Category instead of Value. So the 1 is what you named the category (Axis). Just Rt click and choose format data series, then choose value.

  • Re: Data Labels Won't Appear On Graph

    Thanks Ben I can get round it that way, sorry Brister but I can't get your method to work.

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