• i am trying to set up a user toolbar button and a macro to be able to zoom to a set certain area on a sheet such as the range AB1:AB25 which will be available in all worksheets i open.
    i have the following so far but it doesn't seem to work every time.

    ActiveWindow.Zoom = True

    Any help would be appraciated.


  • Re: zooming


    What you have should work.

    What is happening when it isn't working?

    Check the help for Zoom. If you have a selection active setting Zoom to TRUE will zoom to the selection.

  • Re: zooming

    Well i have 4 buttons set up which will zoom to different areas on a sheet. When i zoom to the first area by pressing any of the buttons it works fine. When i then press any of the other buttons to zoom to another of the areas it centres on the upper left of the zoom area rather than filling the page. which means that half of the area i want to see is off the page.
    Its not easy to explain without seeing it.

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