Trends & forecasts using Excel

  • Hi all

    I have a question.
    I had used Excel using its macro and VBA to help my colleagues automate data reporting. But i would like to know, if excel is capable of proposing trends/meaningful data to user based on user's requirements and current data?

    Example: I have historical forecast shipments. I wanna system to propose my production based on (a) ideal next month forecast (b) targetted shipments for next month.

    The program would actually promt the user of the input requirements, as per (a) and (b). With these 2 inputs from users, the program may actually work on the logics at teh back end with VBA, to proposed the ideal production units for the company.

    I am wondering if this is feasible?

    Recently, i was reading through DATAWAREHOUSING by HUMPHRIES HAWKINS DY. In it, it included a datawarehouse in excel? how is it possible?

    :thanx: hope to hear from you guys soon. cheers.

    Warmest regards

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