Qus And Ans Format

  • Hello Everyone

    I Am Prashant.

    I Am Having A EXCEL File, With Questions And Answers

    They Are In This Format

    Q1.what Is Ur Name
    Q2.what Is Ur School Name

    Q1.what Are Ur Subjects
    Q2.what Are Ur Hobbies

    And Then Anwers
    Q1.my Name Is Prashant
    Q2. My School Name Is Bms

    Q1.my Subjects Are History Etc
    Q2.my Hobbies Are Sleeping Etc

    This Is My Word File , Now My Query Is Can I Arrange It In This Way Through Macro Or Through Some Other Technique.

    Q1.what Is Ur Name
    Q1.my Name Is Prashant

    That Is One Question Than Answer In This Way

    This Example Is Very Small One, I Am Having Such Questions And Anwers Going On To 60 Pages, And It Becomes Difficult To Find The Answer, If The Question Is There On Page No 1 Than The Answer Will Be On Page No 10, So It Becomes Very Uneasy.

    Hope U All Must Have Understoon What I Need, For Any Queries, Please Ask.

    Will Be Awaiting For All Ur Early Reply

  • Re: Qus And Ans Format


    One post should usually do the trick!

    OK so, you have questions and answers in Excel and Word.

    First of all what is asking the questions? Word or Excel?

    Depending on the answer to the above, why is the other application (xl/wd) involved?

    Is this a question and answer routine you are running in word and then exporting the questions and answers to word to be part of a larger document?

    I think you might have to be a bit clearer about your problem and also break it down into a number of smaller problems.

    Stick with it, we can help, we just need to fully understand what you need.


  • Re: Qus And Ans Format

    Thanks For Ur Reply.

    To Be Clearer, Its A Word Document .

    This Time I Attaching A Word Doc. Sheet For Your Quick Reference, So That It Makes Little Sense.

    See There Are Two Parts In This Document
    First One Is Only Questions.
    And Second One Is Wiht Questions And Answers , Questions Belong To First One.

    So In This Way Iam Having Only Questions In The Beginning, After Questions Are Finished, Than Starts The Answers.

    What I Want Is It Should Be Like Second One, That Is First Question Than Answer Of That Question , Than Again Second Question, Than Its Answer And Continuously Go On Till It Ends.

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