Congrats Roy

  • Is that another UK born moderator? It looks like a pattern is emerging. Bias? ;)

    Just kidding.

    BTW Why is the American flag next to my name when I have "not specified" in my profile?

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    BTW Why is the American flag next to my name when I have "not specified" in my profile?

    Probably auto-generated based on your IP address. (is it correct?)


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    Yes, congratualtions! And also thank you to you and to all of the moderators (and contributors) who this such a great forum.

    Roy: congratulations :cool:

    And I can't agree more: So far I have come across very few sites (boards) which are a treasure if you really are anxious to learn. OZGRID is definitely one of these sites!!


    - J

  • congratulations!! and thanks to you and all the others for all the help you spread around daily.. this place rules! :))
    hope i can be of any help first or late

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    Originally posted by Denis

    BTW Why is the American flag next to my name when I have "not specified" in my profile?

    I'm not sure Denis. I have just registered with a dummy username (NoFlag) to see what happens.

    [EDIT] Ok, I found one bit of code which MIGHT have caused this. It seems to now be OK. Denis, you will need to change your flag via your control panel

  • Thanks NoFlag. It still doesn't work though. Perhaps it was my mistake by choosing a flag and then changing back to "not specified". I'll just choose a cool flag and say I'm from there. I don't know where "Hu" or "Hn" but I'm willing to see if they've got good flags. Hopefully one of those is Hungary.

  • royUK

    I wont add to the perfect comments already, no need really all been said, well done you deserve it from Your work here.

    Nothing to do with Jack i add , <cough&gt;

    RE UK

    No not at all OzGrid will develop, and as such so will the guys whom do their stuff.

    Many of my closest friends like Dave are non UK, and maybe one might be Swedish!!!

    These guys do a lot to to help me and are a little hidden but help they do.

    Anyone and i do not see nations, is welcome, but if i hand over power on the board, ie moderstor status i must be careful im sure this makes sence.

    As im always so very open YES a moderator could distroy this site, so no one can use it, caution sadly is a must.

    More staff, members are needed i assure you, all i ask is do your stuff and join in the fun, and help others, or ask questions

    Nothing else matters.

  • Hi Guys,

    Dave - cool that You let all member with no flag be part of my country :dance2:

    Oh well, I notice as well that nearly all moderators are from UK :lol:

    In fact, I´m very surpriced because in the past they were really afraid of the vikings from Scandinavia :drunk:

    As long as Jack et al do a good job here then they don´t need to be afraid of the vikings. :pirate:

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