Print code in color

  • This is not a question directly on VBA I guess, but I'd like to print a bunch of code in color. This is because I have a workbook with probably 50 or so Subs in 12 modules, and I've made some many changes over the past month or so that I've lost all sense of organization to the project, so I'd like to get it all in front of me.

    Anyway, when I print to a color printer from VBA, I still get black and white.
    Is there any way to get color?

  • Re: Print code in color

    I deffinitely could do that, but I just printed the project, and it topped 20 pages of code, which I don't want to have to go through and manually recolor.

  • Re: Print code in color


    Who said you would have to manually colour it?

    You could use VBA (or maybe even conditional formatting) to format it as required.

    Check the link I added when I edited my post.


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