Excel Web Query help

  • Okay, I do not know if this can be done, but really need some good guidance on this one. So here goes

    I have an excel web query that get some weather data. the address does not change so it always updates that data. But I need to use some data from another site. That requires you to select the fields . So the address is not always the same. Is there a way to overcome this. would i have to maybe edit the address to display the info i want. or someone suggest a dynamic web query I have no clue how to go about doing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Here is the web address I am trying to acces. Any guidance would be appreciated


  • can you provide some more information???

    i.e. after selection of certain parameters, can we expect what the link will be???
    if yes, then we can do it.

    Also the link below is not working

    Please update with latest. I have worked on such stuff and can help you


    Thanks: ~Yogendra

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