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  • Hey guys,

    Is there a way to change the font of a cell with a formula? What I need to do is check 20 cells in a column, and if all 20 cells are filled in I want a check mark which I can get from Font:Wingdings which is Char(252). Now if there are not text in all 20 cells, it is just going to count, and give me a number, but I have to switch fonts again. Any ideas on this? I can do the If formulas and stuff, just don't know what to put in to change Font from Arial to Wingdings or visa versa.


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    Have you considered doing conditional formatting with a count fromula?

    [SIZE=2]I should change my name to STUMBED![/SIZE]

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    I have never noticed that before. I use conditional all the time and never saw that it didnt allow access to that.

    [SIZE=2]I should change my name to STUMBED![/SIZE]

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    Here is some VBA that does what you are looking for. It is not the best written, but I think it will work fine.

    This code checks cells A1:A20 for non blank cells. If there are 20 cells filled in, you get a check mark, otherwise a count of the number of filled cells. This goes in B1.

    This code goes in the sheet module. If you need help getting it in the right place, let us know.

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    Thanks Seti,

    I came up with a way to do it without VBA. Using the Insert Symbol, I inserted the check mark symbol in X1. Then did my formula:

    This works perfectly.

    Thanks for your help.

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