Line break in VBA message box (MsgBox)

  • Hi,

    How do I insert a line break in the VBA message box? (I tried ^p, but does not work).

    Besides, it is possible to make a bulleted list in VBA message box? How?



  • Re: Line break in VBA message box (MsgBox)

    Try this

    Msgbox ("This is Line #1" & vbNewLine & "This is Line #2" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & "There are two lines above this one")
  • Re: Line break in VBA message box (MsgBox)

    No built in list but you can create your own.


  • Re: Line break in VBA message box (MsgBox)

    I have tweaked the macro "test". i have mad many of your code statements non operable with single apostrophe in the beginning of the line.

    now you can try even between 11:00 and 11:30

    those non operable code statements can be deleted. they have been kept for you to understand.
    after you park this modified macro (removing old "est") and save the file.
    you again save this file with the code modified by me above in a separate folder and then start deleting the non operable statements and also you want to modify

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