Importing data in excel

  • I am trying to figure out if there is a way for excel to keep data from a previous ms query and put a new query in the same spreadsheet only below the original query? Basically what I want the spreadsheet to be able to do is someone enters in the parameter for the query and the it returns the query in the excel spreadsheet. You can then enter additional information in other columns about the data. (This is what I have been able to get done so far) Now if the person refreshes the data this person gets asked for a new parameter and a new query is done. And obviously the old query is not there. Is there a way for that old query to stay on the spreadsheet and the new one to just go below the rows that are filled. I hope that makes sense.

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    I'd suggest using a Macro and ADO to perform what you are requesting!

    What is the source of the database: Access, SQL, Oracle, PostGreSQL . . .

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    I have been attempting to do the same thing with this exception - the peoplesoft database saves copies of records in .html unfortunately without a personal web server running importing or creating a macro to do so has become very difficult since Excel GetExternalData does not cotton to the file///c:/foo/foo2/*.html command -- any helpful ideas?

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