Showing an Access form via a button

  • Hello, i need to show an Access form in an excel worksheet by adding code to a specific button.

    I dont need Excel to import the form, just by pressing the button, it has to access access and show the form for that particular button.

    I can be more specific if needed.

    Thanks for the help

  • Re: Showing an Access form via a button

    Ok, im doing an inventory on the call center i work on, i have the database of all the positions with their according equipment, now im doing a map on excel for the floor of the CC, and im placing buttons on every position. The object of this is to attach each position on the map to its form on acces so if i want to check whats the equipment on position 34 i click on the button and it will access the access database and show me the form which has all the equipment for that position.

    thanks for the quick reply

  • Re: Showing an Access form via a button

    OK so this is just a thought, Access will let you insert an Excel Spreadsheet (I have never tried this). It is listed on the more tools list on the toolbox. So then why not insert the spreadsheet with the room and then create buttons over the areas you need to access the forms. That way you are always in Access to start out with. Or maybe even create a picture type layout and use that the same way.

    Like I said, just a thought, you can use or lose it.

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