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  • Re: Dropdown list of worksheets

    It's definitely possible and I'm sure if you did a search on the board (or follow the links above your post) you'll find threads dealing with this.

    But why do you want to do this? If it's to help navigate a workbook then why not just right click on the navigation arrows in the bottom left of the workbook. No need to reinvent the wheel.:)


  • Re: Dropdown list of worksheets

    So here is what you can do. (Have never done it)

    Write or pull the sheets name to a cell.
    Save the names as a range.
    Use dropdown set to the named range.

    You could even use a validation dropdown.

    [SIZE=2]I should change my name to STUMBED![/SIZE]

  • Re: Dropdown list of worksheets

    Here is some code

    For Each sh In Activeworkbook.Worksheets
    Userform1.lstSheets.Additem sh.Name
    Next sh

    but as Norie says, why bother?



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