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  • Trying to filter a report by using a form. I went step by step through the instructions via the help screens. So everything is OK until I test the work I did. I get a message that reads

      The expression you entered has a funtion that ProgramNameHere cant find

    After reviewing my work everything appears to be done correctly, except for my filter criteria. The instructions read

      For example, in a Microsoft Access database (.mdb), for a form called Sales Dialog, you would use the following expression to refer to controls named Beginning Date and Ending Date in the query:
      Between [Forms]![Sales Dialog]![Beginning Date] And [Forms]![Sales Dialog]![Ending Date]

    I of course changed mine to fit my progam and tried

      [forms]![birthday report by month]![Month]

    The instructions are from date to date. I need a single value.
    So did I enter the criteria wrong or something else?

    [SIZE=2]I should change my name to STUMBED![/SIZE]

  • Re: Filter with form

    OK, so I kept working with it and I can get it to filter correctly. But I still get the message. So how can get it to go away?

    [SIZE=2]I should change my name to STUMBED![/SIZE]

  • Re: Filter with form

    Of course I will. My apoligize for not posting it on my last post.

    The message comes from your macro page. I forgot to name one of the macros. So when the report runs through all of them it sees one with no name and gives the message, but still sees all of the rest and thats why it allowed my filter to still work.

    The solution to why the filter wasnt working is a very obvious one. The source was set to the wrong record. The criteria I wrote worked fine.


    [SIZE=2]I should change my name to STUMBED![/SIZE]

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