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  • how can I get text from word to excel so that data will all be in columns
    is there a way that it can be done with out using text to columns?
    I need to do this 4 to 5 times per day , I have pasted a copy of some of the
    files that I need . the files are up to 3000 rows down

    52.3 4- 9 3.0 Wed19Oct05
    59.3 1-12 -0.8 Fri 7Oct05
    54.0 4- 9 3.5 Wed22Jun05
    57.6 3-11 0.6 Wed 8Jun05
    55.4 2-13 1.0 Wed25May05
    51.0 1-10 -3.5 Wed11May05
    54.5 5-14 4.2 Mon25Apr05
    29.7 7- 7 24.9 Wed 1Dec04
    52.2 5-13 1.9 Sat20Nov04
    54.0 2-13 0.2 Tue 2Nov04

    hopefuly some one can help
    thanks bill

  • Re: text from word

    The easy way would be to have your data in MS Word in a Table (hide gridlines, No Borders) where you could then copy/paste into Excel.

    Alternately, you could try the formula in the attached, the blue columns are your data, but the format of some items means you will need to check further lines for being a good fit, hence the 'helper' columns have been left in the sheet.

    Good luck with your data

  • Re: text from word

    Hi Bill,

    Your problem is to split the middle two items, the first item appears detectable by a space, the last item is 10 characters long.
    The other two I counted the spaces, if only two spaces the item could be split on the space (ignore the trailing space). If three spaces then it needs more lines of data to see if 'half-way' is the correct place to split.

    If you have lines that don't conform please post a few and some adjustments may be possible.

    After the split, you can Copy & Paste Special = Values for the blue columns, (back over themselves) to freeze the results, and then delete any non-blue columns as required.

    Good Luck

    Quote from billgras

    Hi Bryan
    Thanks for your reply and I'm working on it.

    regards bill

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