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    I have a problem when I import text files. I have created a procedure that extracts the information from a text file. That procedure works fine but when I want to convert the Text to Columns there is no suitable delimitator. The text file has a similar appearance as below:
    Account Acount name
    123 Abc Def Ghi

    The problem is that I want to have the account name as one column but as there are spaces between the full account name I cannot use Space as a delimitator. I cannot use Fixed width as the information is dynamic (ie account number is incrementing). However, the account name cannot be longer than 22 characters (including spaces). Does anyone have an idea how to do this that is not by manually intervention?

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    You could use space as a delimiter then create some code to concatenate the name columns back together.

    would that do the job?


  • Re: Text to Columns

    I will give that a try!

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  • Re: Text to Columns

    You could also take a look at

    DataImport from SpaldingSoftware

    A great utility for converting .txt files to Excel.

    Especially great if the company will pay for it and you can use it to convert
    many reports.

    Gets your ROI very cheap per report.



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