VBA Insert a formula in a cell

  • Hi, I am using VBA to insert a formula in a cell, I want the formula in I6 is


    my VBA is
    Worksheets("data").Range("I6").Formula = "=if(G6="a",vlookup($b6,sheet1!$d$6:$I$344,6,false),"")"

    but when i run it, when come to G6="a", the message is "expected end of statement".

    how can i solve this problem?



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    You need to double up on the quotes inorder to have quotes within the formula.[vba]Worksheets("data").Range("I6").Formula = "=if(G6=""a"",vlookup($b6,sheet1!$d$6:$I$344,6,false),"""")"[/vba]

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    Aaron Blood posted his method of getting a formula into VBA -


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    I'm having difficulty with a similar formula. The formula I want to paste is:

    =IF('BMR Update Sheet'!BK5=0,"",'BMR Update Sheet'!BK5)

    I need the '5' to be iterated from 1 to 1350, but I'm using 1 to 10 right now to minimize run times.

    My current attempt is:

    Sub NewPaste()
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim Index As String

    i = 1
    Do While i < 10
    Index = "P" & i
    Range(Index).Formula = "=if('BMR Update Sheet'!" + Index + "=" + """""" + "," + """""" + ",'BMR Update Sheet'!" + Index

    i = i + 1
    End Sub

    Any suggestions?

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