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  • Hi all

    I have a macro in Excel 2003 that opens a Word document. And it's working as it should. Now I also want that macro to copy some of the cells from Excel to Word. I have made Excel cells in Word and it's there I want to paste the cells from Excel.

    Is that possible??


  • Re: Copy cells

    not that I knew if it's possible, but at least i can suggest you do what you want to be done while the macro recorder is on. From there you might find it easy to complete your task.
    god luck

    In formulae, depending on your locale, you might have to replace ; with , or vice versa.

  • Re: Copy cells

    Hi h1h

    Thank you for your reply. When I try to record the macro then nothing happens. I can't record a excel macro at the same time as I do something in word.


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