Converting *.frm or *.bas to *exe

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    It would be nice if you could do this from VBA............... You never know excel 12 may do it.................... but then again probably not, its taken them 12 attempts to realise we needed more columns!!!! :)

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    Personally, however many columns MS give the user they will always require more. ;)

    If you want my opinion, the new column & row limits are going to lead to extremely poor spreadsheet design issues and should have (at least in terms of columns) been left as they are. 256 columns encourages users to lay their data out in database format (256 fields being standard SQL/Access database table size) - using that database style for storing data in your worksheet makes for the most efficient use of Excel's tools in reporting & displaying your data.

    Therefore I can only see more columns potentially leading to more "hack" like solutions being required of people like me as users spread their data out in a more haphazard fashion.

    A bit like the idea of giving a disorganised person a bigger office. Just more space for them to make a mess & more places they can lose stuff :lol:

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