Can't change text format

  • I have a 10-page document where I've used a lot of headings and sub-headings in a cascading manner. The first few lines, however, I can't change the format of. They're stuck in Heading9, but should be Heading 1. However, now matter what I do to them, they just always say Heading9. Anyone encountered anything like this before?

    I'm using Word 2000.

  • Re: Can't change text format

    The problem overall seems to be with getting my numbering styles to actually work. I don't know if these are just glitchy in Word 2000, but they just seem to ignore when you make changes to them.

  • Re: Can't change text format

    Well, I've fixed some problems, and found others.
    The problems I'm having right now are that my Outline Numbered list, which I set up using Styles, doesn't advance numbering automatically.

    So, if I have two Headin1 entries in a row, they both number as "1." instead of "1." followed by "2."

    Can anyone tell me why this is?

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