Printing with embedded tables?

  • Using Office 2000. When I create embed Excel tables inside Word documents, I only get a small fraction of the table in a "window" within the Word document. How can I get the entire table to appear on the screen and in print?

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    When you say a small fraction, do you mean the embedded window doesn't fill much of the width of the page? Or do you mean it fill's the page, but only shows part of your Excel Table? Are there drag squares on the window that you can use to size the window? How are you bringing it into Word? Do you copy it in Excel and then do a Paste Special and select paste as Excel Object? With more details or a sample of the word document with a "small fraction" table, perhaps someone can figure out what is causing the problem.

  • What I mean is that no matter how many rows I enter into the table, only a fixed number (maybe 15 with the default height) actually appear in the printed document. The rest, while visible if I scroll around the table on the PC, do not print. What I would like is for the entire excel table to print regardless of how many rows are in it.

  • In trying to reproduce your problem, I found that an embedded Excel table could only occupy one page. But I had no problem until I reached the page length limit. Are your 15 rows filling the page?

  • Thanks for the help! Let's see if I can make this more clear.

    Hrm...okay here's what I do. I open a new Word document and insert an Excel worksheet using INSERT->OBJECT

    A small table appears in the middle of my word document with 10 blank rows showing. I fill the table with over 200 rows of stuff, but only 10 rows at a time show in the document, both on my screen and when I print. I can change the focus to show 10 other rows, but I cannot seem to figure out how to display more than 10 rows either on the screen or in print.

  • When the object is inserted (and showing as an Excel object) place your cursor over the bottom righthand corner until it turns into a two-way arrow. Click and drag down to fill the page. Thjis should give you a page worth of rows at a time. I don't believe you can go beyond that, but this might help.

  • That helps a good deal, thanks! I know I have tried that trick a couple of times and not had success, but I must have been having pointer issues. I just knew there had to be some way to get more of the table into the document.

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