VBA Cell Value Change

  • I have officers putting a date within a cell.
    What I need the cell then to do is to convert to a NOW() value once they have hit return, enter or move to another cell.

    They input 15-Dec .. I need it to return (in the same field) 15-Dec 8:50.

    I have seen a few VBA samples for worksheet_change, but none seem to make any sense.

    HELP !! :?

    Tayler [the blue fox] :thanx:

  • Re: VBA Cell Value Change

    The time will be what the time is at the moment of data entry = NOW()

    I would assume there would be something in the coding to convert all cells with a format of dd/mmm to dd/mmm hh:mm

    The hh:mm component would be NOW() function.

    Tayler [the blue fox] :thanx:

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