• I have been trying to create a project in excel for my a level and i cant make it insert a row and put the next number in, my teacher suggested auto numbering if there is such a thing, could you help please?

  • Try looking at the +ROW() function which will input the row number.


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  • Try creating a formula that shows nothing if the adjacent column B cell is blank, but shows the value in the cell above it +1 if it is not blank.

    Need more help?

    We are being vague on purpose. :)

  • Thanks for your help so far...just one problem with it, i dont know how to use it :) (sorry)

    Ill try to use detail when i explain as im pretty useless with this excel stuff,
    So I am trying to insert a row in a table with 5 columns, one is a total and one is the numbers of stands. i would like, when i insert a new row with my wonderfull failing macro to have it copy the formula and add the total on to the grand total, and have the next number apear in the far left colomn, i have tryed the cell above +1 whitch worked once then keept the same number...any help will be gratfully recived and i will proced to shower you in praise if i can make it work and if i remember :D thankyou for your time.

  • Hi

    In your top cell of the far left Column (say A1) type: 1 next cell down type =A1+1 and copy this down.

    Push Alt+F11 go to Insert>Module and paste in this code.

    Sub InsertRow()
        With ActiveCell
             .FormulaR1C1 = "=R[-1]C+1"
             .Offset(1, 0).FormulaR1C1 = "=R[-1]C+1"
        End With
    End Sub

    Push Alt+Q to get back to Excel. Now select the cell, in the far left Column of your table, where the row should be inserted. Push Alt+F8 click Options and assign a shortcut key. Click OK anf OK agian. Now run the macro using the assigned shortcut key.

  • Thank you all, especially Dave Hawley, YOUR A GENIUS...that has been so helpfull thank you so very much. i had been searching for an awnser for weeks, and luckyly i stumbled upon you people. :bsmile: ......thank you all, everyone who tryed to help....im so happy :bsmile:

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