Unhiding Columns only with VALUE

  • Morning All ..hoping I could get some help.

    I have columns AJ-BG opening for a reassessment .. but there are 3 types of re-assessments. AJ:AO .. AR:AX .. BA:BG. I only want certain columns to UNHIDE if there is value in AJ, AR or BA.

    This is what I was given, but it doesn't work. Can anyone help out?

    Sub reassess_open()
    ' reassess_open Macro
    ' Macro recorded 16/12/2005 by Tayler Reid
    If Range("AJ5:AJ105").Value Then
    Range("AJ:AO").Columns.Hidden = False
    If Range("AR5:AR105").Value Then
    Range("AR:AX").Columns.Hidden = False
    If Range("BA5:BA105").Value Then
    Range("BA:BG").Columns.Hidden = False
    Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 35).Select
    End If
    End If
    End If
    End Sub[/vba]

    Tayler [the blue fox] :thanx:

  • Re: Unhiding Columns only with VALUE

    Put something like this:

    in a module in VBA. Let us know whether that's what you need or not.





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