Web data into Access form

  • I am trying to use Access/VBA to get some information from a webpage and enter it into a textbox.

    I suppose you could draw comparisons to the Get External Data (Web Query) functionality in Excel but instead using Access.

    Can you do this using ADO or DDE?

    Are there any examples that I can reference?

    Any assistance would be kindly appreciated

  • Re: Web data into Access form

    I couldn't quite figure out how to 'complete' the thread after I have been doing some more web searching and came across this fantastic article by By Rick Strahl at West Wind


    Although it was for Visual FoxPro I managed to adapt it to my needs in VBA/Access.

    See function below which brings back the body html and filters only for information between the start and end string

  • Re: Web data into Access form


    To do a similar task I took the easy root of defining a web query in Excel and dropped the data onto a sheet, checked the data and then pass it to Access.

    What I did not play with was getting the connection string from the Excel query and using it in Access. Assuming that the page is easily queried using the Web Query in Excel then you may find this approach is quicker and easier.


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