Macro in a closed File

  • Hey all ..

    Hope someone can answer a question for me.

    If I set a macro to run every 10 minutes within a worksheet, does this still run if the file is not open?

    If it does not .. is there a way to have a macro continuously run even if the file is not open?

  • Re: Macro in a closed File

    I assume that you are using OnTime to repeatedly run the procedure?

    What will happen is that the call is registered with the application not the workbook, so when it is time to run, it will open the workb ook and run it.

    One thing to be aware of though is that de-facto the workbook will have macros, so if your security setting is set to medium, if will pronpt to enable macros, and will need a response.

  • Re: Macro in a closed File

    Quote from [the blue fox]

    We do have our company set to MEDIUM .. and we do have to click on the window 'Enable Macros' ..

    Is there anyway to add a line of code to auto select to Enable?

    No, there would be no point in having it if you could. Best way would be to digitally sign it.

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