Logical Function - Math results using text and numeric data

  • I'm close to getting my desired result, however, I'm stuck on one little part. I'll use row 7 as the example.

    Attached sheet.

    The cells in Column P can be one of three things based on a validation list: Aggregate, 70%, and 75%. I could use 100% and fix this whole little dilema, but Dealer Participation (Column Q) can never be 100%.

    Q7, when the cell data in P7 = 70% or 75% gives a numeric result. However, one of the nested IF statements performs math against one of the data types in P7 that is text based - resulting in a #VALUE! error.

    In a nutshell, what I'm trying to accomplish is the following. I think I'm close on my formula:

    Q7 = W7+O7 if P7 = "Aggregate"
    Q7 = W7 * P7

    Remember, P7 can equal 70%, 75% or Aggregate. The formula bombs out when P7 equals "Aggregate".

    Thanks in advance.

  • Re: Logical Function - Math results using text and numeric data

    According to the example above...


    According to the formula in your sample file...


    Actually, the following should suffice...


    Hope this helps!

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