saving a file using a macro

  • Hi all .. hope someone can help.

    I have developed a database for ppl to enter details into and given them a template with excel to use.

    Is there a way to create a macro to SAVE the document using the data they entered into E5 & E11 as the file name? and into a different directory?

    eg .. the template is stored in g:/lending/tracking/funding
    eg .. DRUMMOND is entered into E5 & 456558 is entered into E11.

    can a macro be run to save the file as DRUMMOND 456558.xls into g:/lending/tracking/funding/stored worksheets

    Thanks :)

    Tayler [the blue fox] :thanx:

  • Re: saving a file using a macro

    Use something in this spirit:




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  • Re: saving a file using a macro

    Something like this:

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