Copy and paste cell into word cell

  • Hi

    I have a macro that can copy and paste Excel cells into Excel cells that is in a Word document. See the code below. My problem is to get the cells to be pasted into the Excel cells that i have in the header on the Word document.


    I have tried to put in this code after "'insert cells" but it don't work.

    With appWD.documents(1).Sections(1)
        End With

    Can someone please help me.


  • Re: Copy and paste cell into word cell

    Hi Roy

    I'm sorry but I don't understand why you have moved my quistion.

    The macro I have is in Excel and not in Word. The macro I have copy cells A1 and B1 into the same range in Word. In the word document I have inserted Excel cells. It's in there that A1 and B1 is pasted into. In Word the range is also A1 and B1. The macro works fine as long as the cells in Word is not inside the header. But I need to have this cells in the header of the word document.

    In other words: this have nothing to do with Word VBA but only Excel VBA because it's Excel that "controls" the Word in this case.


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