Comparing values

  • Hi,

    I currently have two lists of email addresses in excel. One sheet contains the original group of people I sent the email to and the other sheet lists the email addresses of those who responded to my original message.

    Within excel I now have two sheets 'Original List' which contains all those who I originally emailed and 'Responses' which lists all of those from the original list who have responded.

    I would like to add a column within the original sheet which says responded or not responded (TRUE/FALSE or similar would be fine also). This would need to take the email address from the original sheet and then check the range within responded list to see if the value is there.

    Is this possible to do, I'm sure it is but am really stuck how to do it.

    Any help would be really gratefully received.

    Many thanks,


  • Re: Comparing values

    Presuming your lists are in Column A in each sheet and start in row 1 you could type;

    =IF(COUNTIF(Responses!$A:$A,$A1)>0,"Responded","Not Responded")

    into B1 on the Original List sheet and then drag down the formula to cover all the values.

    It's a bit easier than using the MATCH syntax because you don't have to use a finite range.

    Hope that helps,

  • Re: Comparing values


    Spot on mate - problem solved.

    Thanks so much everyone for your help. Hopefully I might be able to return the favour some time.



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