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    i have done a project in Excel as per my office requirements.One concept is not working in that project.Let me explain it. Suppose there are three regions,say Bangalore,Chennai and Mumbai, under each region we have different branch office (ie.)under Bangalore we have 1.Malleswaram 2.MG Road 3.Indra Nagar and under Mumbai we have 1.Thane 2.Ahmedabad and under Chennai we have 1.T.Nagar 2.Saidapet 3.Kodambakam.When I enter Bangalore in cell A1,the A2 cell should show the list of branches in Bangalore alone,if I enter Mumbai in cell A1, the A2 cell should show the list of branches in Mumbai and similarly for Chennai.For this issue i have written a macro using visual basic Script.It worked fine if i do not share the workbook,when i shared the workbook i found an Run Time Error as "Application or Object Defined Error". I tried rectifying it but could'nt.Kindly solve this issue as soon as possible. My whole project is pending because of this issue.Expecting reply from you.



  • Re: Query on VBA

    Welcome to ozgrid.

    I don't think you will get a response from the information you have provided. A sample workbook is usually helpful.

  • Re: Query on VBA

    Possibly this might be easier done without VBA. In the attached workbook I created 3 named ranges on sheet1 named Mumbai, Chennai & Bangalore.

    On sheet two I set up data validation (under the Data menu) to restrict the contents of B1 to a list that is populated by the named ranged entered in A1 [ =indirect($a$1) ]

    See if this works for you.


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